"Love Life enough to Love Yourself"

Our Story

Natural Woman Magazine (NWM) was co-founded by best friends Azizah Nubia & Tammarah Overton. These savvy business women wanted to create a platform for themselves and other entrepreneurs who have a passion for being of service to their communities and the planet

As the vision for NWM began to materialize it became clear to Azizah & Tammarah that NWM was more than just a magazine, but a necessary tool in introducing a natural lifestyle to women of color.
Since starting Natural Woman Magazine in October 2012, Azizah & Tammarah have achieved a lot in a short time. 

Within 1 year NWM has reached 32 countries, 49 U.S. cities and received a nomination for Magazine of the Year at the 2014 SEA Awards. 

Natural Woman Magazine is the future of the Evolved Woman. With stories that cover Natural Hair, health topics, green living, sexual empowerment, beauty, fashion , economics, and entrepreneurship. 

Natural Woman covers it all!

Our Mission

Our mission at Natural Woman Magazine is to promote, empower, and inspire our readers to live a more abundant healthy lifestyle while serving as a platform for the Women's Empowerment through sexual liberation and creating eco-friendly world. The editorial elements in each issue provide current and new health conscious women with the tools necessary to live a healthier lifestyle while taking care of our environment. 

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