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The Top 6 Reasons Why Men Say Your Still Single. By Zephanie Garrett

Posted by asknaturalwoman on February 25, 2015 at 7:20 AM

Have you ever wanted to know what men are really thinking? Well, we unlocked that code and surveyed a lot of men. We asked them questions about women. These are the factors these men had in common when they expressed their thoughts. 


You Accept What You Don't Want

Women are looking for a certain kind of lifestyle. However, women are finding it hard to marry a man with the lifestyle that they desire. Therefore, some women settle for less. They say women know what kind of a man they want and how they want to be treated, but seem to accept the opposite of their desires.


Your Expectations

The high standards you have can be unrealistic. You can't want men to do everything in a relationship. Some men said that women have an ideal of a knight in shining armor complex. Seemly, believing a man should take care of them like a father would take care of a daughter. No man wants a girl in marriage. He wants a woman to be his wife. Men also want women who can maintain their own lives.

Your Independent

Women were becoming more powerful and confident of their own abilities they have become individuals and not helpmates. Naturally, a woman should be a helpmate for the right man. Women have gotten so use to the failures of men they don't want to commit or assist them to go the distance in a relationship. Don't get men wrong they said that a woman's independence is very attractive to them. As long as, it doesn't get to the point where one shuts down everyone, and no one can do anything for you

Your Attitude

Everyone needs to learn how to let go of the past. Letting go sets you free of the weight you been carrying. Some women can be too argumentative taking out all their frustrations of the past on the current situation. Therefore, ruining everything that could be a future with a person that's completely genuine.


The environment we grew up in was our first teacher in life. It taught us how to interact in our relationships, what we should except, and what is possible for us to have. Growing up in a single parent home could be the cause of insecurities, because some women never learned how to correctly interact with a man. The thought of a man leaving you or betraying you in any way. May bring back those memories you don't want to face. If you've never seen a successful marriage that may cause self-sabotaging actions towards anyone that gets too close to your heart. The lack of trust and fear are your defeating elements.


You Love The Single Lifestyle

If you love the single life too much to settle down we understand. There are some good things that come from this. That is a woman being able to find herself to know truly what she wants. If that woman knows what she wants and applies her life in order to reach those goals. She will also attract the right man to add too and elevate her life experience its apart of law and attraction. The downfall of this kind of lifestyle is the perception of a woman who constantly parties, casually dates and leads a promiscuous life. They are stamped with not being marriage material to many men. So, even if they wanted someday to settle down their reputation can hinder that from happening.


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