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10 Simple things kids can do to save the planet. By Trazana Staples, MELP

Posted by asknaturalwoman on February 25, 2015 at 8:45 PM

School is back in session for children and adults, and what better time is it to learn something new that is beneficial for Mother Earth and all who reside in it. Many are becoming health and environmentally conscious and we all, both children and adults, can contribute to help the planet by reducing our carbon foot print.


It is not difficult or time consuming for anyone to participate. In doing so, we are adding life to Mother Earth. Children love to help; in fact they are fast learners. No one is too big are too small, and we all can make a huge difference!


Below are 10 simple things kids can do to help save the planet:


1. Bring your own bag when you go shopping. 600 bags are thrown away every second in California! Many of these bags litter the oceans where they can injure marine animals.


2. Plant a tree. A single tree can help clean the air.


3. Ride your bike for errands like going to the grocery store or video store - get your Mom and Dad to ride their bikes too. It's fun, and bicycling is much cleaner for the air than driving a car.


4. Unplug your appliances and TV when you're not using them. Even if they're turned off, electric appliances still use power if they're plugged in.


5. Use reuseable containers for your lunch. If you take a disposable lunch to school every day, you're creating 67 pounds of garbage a year!


6. Use rechargeable batteries. They last longer, and throwing disposable batteries in the trash is against the law and dangerous for the environment.


7. Don't buy things you don't need, and donate your used clothes, toys and books to someone who can use them.


8. Eat mostly vegetables and grains - they require less energy to grow and create less pollution than meat.


9. Turn out the lights when you don't need them.


10. Help your family eat locally. The average meal travels a long way to get to your plate - 1500 miles, but there is lots of food grown close by. Check out your local farmer's market and shop at the Co-op - or plant a garden and grow some of your own food!

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