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Winter Is Hot In Miami

Posted by sweet sistah on January 21, 2019 at 12:40 AM
The biggest snow storm in the last three years decided to blow through Cincinnati mid-January 2019. So like a good Beach Bird, I decided to fly south. I flew as south as this country would allow and I landed on the sandy white beaches of Miami, Florida. It's a known fact that due to the lack of sunlight and fresh air, many people with Melanin develop seasonal depression during the Winter months. We absolutely need that sunlight on our skin for survival - being that the sun and fresh air activates our Pineal Gland, Melanin and Soul! So treat yourself to a Winter Get-a-Way to somewhere Hot... And just so you know, Winters are always Hot in Miami! My cousin Kalama turned 42nd and he was born in the Congo. So just imagine what the Winter months does to an individual like him. When he invited me and another one of our cousins to Miami for his Birthday, I was completely open to the universe blessing me with a trip to my most sacred and divine place - The Ocean. This was a much-needed getaway for us all. It's a dream of mine to live on a beautiful island or somewhere on Mama Africa's continent - so that I can escape Winters 365. Until that happens, I give thanks for the south of Florida because again, Winter's are Always Hot in Miami. When traveling during the cold months to somewhere warmer, make sure you book a hotel or resort that sits right on the beach. You don't want to waste any of your precious trip time having to travel to the ocean - as the ocean is the main attraction. We stayed directly on Miami Beach right off of Collins St. We had a oceanfront view room on the 9th floor of the Best Western (which also has a heated pool during the Winter months). Every morning from about 7 a.m. to noon was spent on the ocean lounging and playing with the Beach Birds. The water is a little chilly in January, even for Miami but not so chilly that you couldn't at least get in knee deep. Both of my cousin's took full body dips! In Miami the waters are clear and the waves are aggressively playful. Have Fun! 75 degrees on the beach is not the only thing that makes Miami Hot in the Winter. To have a true Beach Birds Travel experience, explore the Culture of everywhere you go and Miami has plenty to check out. Journey to Little Haiti for authentic, historical Culture. Have lunch with all of the local Haitians at Naomi's Garden Restaurant and Lounge. There's plenty of vegan options like red peas and rice with black bean gravy, steamed spinach and vegetables, and fried or sweet plantain. Or try other traditional Haitian dishes like conch stew or ox tails. Eat your lunch in Naomi's backyard garden, which is beautifully draped with flower bushes and dream catchers. Before you leave Naomi's check out the nearby strip of murals of Haitian gods and goddesses. If you're in Little Haiti on a Saturday head to the Haitian Cultural Center which is outlined with book and grocery stores. Inside the center you'll find beautiful photography showcasing the voodoo religion, artwork, authentic crafts, live performances and more. If little Haiti isn't enough culture for you - head down to Little Havana for a Cuban explosion. Stop in a Cigar Shop, Bar or Restaurant. And please go see inside of the Molina Fine Art gallery. The Cuban owner and artist sits humbly with his friend and cat. I glanced in and quickly received the hand wave inviting me in further. The artist must of felt my energy because he took me to every painting he had of every Orisha. He sweetly broke each God and Goddess down for me and explained how Cuban's ancestors come from Nigeria and that they brought this Yoruba Spiritual system with them. Now this wasn't new information for me but how was dope was that, that he took the time to share. And his artwork was beautiful. Also, in Little Havana is Domino Park. You want an Authentic Cuban Cultural Experience? Go There! Into the Arts? Miami has plenty. It's a colorful city, full of colorful people. And no neighborhood has more color than Wynwood. Wynwood is full of cool Murals. Stroll the streets and take selfies with Jean Michel Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix and Mermaids. Stop in Coyo for yummy Tacos and Margaritas. There are plenty of shops to shop, a really cool vintage car and guitar spot and Brick or Wood are 2 good Hip-Hop Bars in the area. What about Miami Nightlife? For the Cool Cultured Grown & Sexy - This is not Miami's strong suit but if you are down to drive about 20 minutes to this Ft. Lauderdale Jazz Lounge - You won't be disappointed. NYSW Jazz Lounge is so sweet for live music and good food. It has that Love Jones Mo Betta Blues vibe. Ray Charles and Nina Simone look on from off the walls as people mingle, dance, sip and sing along. It's Dope. On your way back to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale stop midway in Hollywood, FL and check out Ginger Bay Café. The reggae band that played the night we slid through was super on point! Miami has a lot to offer in the ways of Culture, Good Food, Art, and of course the Beach. This makes it the perfect place to quickly get away from the snow and cold - I mean if that's not your thing. If you're anything like me, a simple long weekend in Miami is enough to bring the Sunshine back into your life. By Nzingha Byrd of Beach Birds Travel

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