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The Flashing Lights of LA Fashion Week

Posted by sweet sistah on February 19, 2019 at 9:40 AM
Top Models. World Class Designers. Beautiful People in Beautiful Clothes - Are the main attractions for Fashion Weeks all over the World. And the top places in the world when you think of Fashion Week are Paris, Milan and New York. Not Accra or LA. Although what I've seen in both of those places can rival the big fashion capitals of the world easy. LA, although a fashion-forward and innovative city is not always the first to come to mind when it comes to Fashion Week. If you make the mistake to not put California at the top of your Fashion Week list you will regret it. I've been to Fashion weeks all over the world as the owner of AfroSwag International. I've been to Fashion Week in Accra where the designers were unmatched in technique, style, and grace. I've been to Fashion Week in the Virgin islands, where the show was hosted by Taraji P. Henson and as media press I partied and yachted with the models and designers - straight VIP. I've been to Fashion Week in New York, the Fashion Week Capital of the World. Yet, none of these places impressed me quite like the Fashion Week in Los Angeles, California. Let me tell you why LA Fashion Week is Everything - full of Creativity, Innovativeness, Drama, Extra Spice and Extravaganza... From the moment you walk the red carpet to the flashing lights of the paparazzi to the street artist painting a huge floor mural to the people buzzing around with glasses of champagne exchanging business cards and small convo to waiting in line to be photographed at the motion picture booth - LA Fashion Week is straight out of a Hollywood Movie! Porsche Beverly Hills as a sponsor, the showroom floor featured two of the latest models that you could even sign up to test drive! LA Fashion Week - The atmosphere alone, just being in the building makes you feel like you are a part of Hollywood's elite. Even more exciting than just being in the building is taking your seats and preparing to have your couture knocked off by the show. Before each designer hits the runway a drop-down screen expresses their creative flair. Each short film goes behind the scenes and into the creative process of the designer, giving you an inside look of what's to come. Once the Music drops don't expect to see a straight runway show as you would in New York or Milan. Expect the unexpected, for each of the models to come out in full character as if they are on a Hollywood big screen. Each designers set is unique. One set was so futuristic, that it took you into The Jetson's fashion mode, asymmetrical sleeves over neon plastic. Another designer highlighted all of the fashion icons of the past from Diana Ross to Coco Chanel to Grace Jones. Each model embodied the fullness of their character in style and attitude. Another designer made clothes reminiscent to a Jean Michelle Basquiat painting and he himself was the king of his masterpiece, as he sat on a hand-painted throne while each of his models showcased around him. The final set of the evening was the most out of the box.. As the showroom floor was shut down and the audience was led out the back door to the behind the building where the loading dock was. The dock was transformed into a Hollywood Red Carpet complete with fake paparazzi, lighting, smoke, and voice-overs. Each model paraded from behind scenes to the red carpet as the paparazzi chased them to get the just right shot. Over the speakers we heard inside of the actor / model's mind and got a deeper look into all of the nuances and mentalities of a typical Hollywood star. You would think with all the theatrics that the fashion would fall second in the show but No. The fashion was more eccentric and more out there than any other show I've ever seen. THIS is what it means to be at LA Fashion Week. A show within a show. Yes in typical big city Fashion Week form, the Designers will be on point and Celebrities (Ceelo Green, Amber Rose and Estelle) will be in the front row. But outside of that - Nothing at a LA Fashion Week Show is Typical. Expect a full Experience, something much bigger than just Fashion. written by Nzingha Byrd of Beach Birds Travel Nzingha Byrd attended the Spring Show of 2018 in Hollywood California at Neuehouse. Check out for more information.

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