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Introduction to Healing Crystals Healing Stone Kit, & Guide Book


Getting started with crystal healing can be overwhelming! This set is designed for those who are new to crystal healing and are looking to start a collection. These crystals will offer a variety of healing benefits and is an affordable way to get started enjoying the wonderful benefits of healing crystals!

This beginners kit includes one of each of the following polished healing crystals:

Amethyst / spiritual growth / healing / psychic abilities / intuition

Rose Quartz / unconditional love / balance emotions / peace and calm

Clear Quartz / master healer / protect from negativity / amplify intentions

Sodalite / inner peace / endurance / peace and harmony / communication

Aventurine / prosperity & luck / perseverance / creativity

Hematite / grounding / protection / intuition


Set includes total of 6 polished healing crystals

Crystals range in size between 1.25" - 1.5"

Includes reference of healing properties and labeled photo for easy stone identification

Hand stamped storage pouch for storage included

Instructions for crystal care included

Each tumbled stone set is sold separately and intuitively selected with great care from the bunch of stones pictured. Grouping is shown to indicate variations between crystals.

Comes with Introduction into Crystal Healing Guide


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