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Ancestor Money


What is Ancestor Money?​

​Ancestor money has different names including ghost money, spirit money, Joss paper, hell notes (mistranslation), heaven notes etc. Most of them will have the image of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is a Higher God in the Taoist pantheon and is considered the deity over all money on earth. Imagine a being that is in charge of every penny that is on earth. This is the Jade Emperor. A wise soul would make him an ally!


Ancestor money looks kind of like toy money. You can tell it's not "real" but it still has the elements of spendable currency. The idea of producing it was to supplement "real" money to give to deceased loved ones. The concept was that the passed on family members can use this "money" in the afterlife to get things they need. There is even ancestor clothing, houses, cars, credit cards and more!


​Simply put, ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit realm. This burning ritual at your ancestral altar provides the ancestors with what they need on the "other side". Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma, usually caused by debt. According to the teachings of Dr. Gibson and ancient philosophies, when our ancestors transition with debt, that energy is distributed among the living bloodline.

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