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Fitness & Weightloss

Company Name : Bootcamp Cincinnati Personal Training and Fitness
Email Address : bootcampcincinnati@gmail.com
Website Address : www.bootcampcincinnati.com
Business Address : 1579 Goodman Avenue
City & State : Cincinnati Ohio
Company Phone : 513-400-6330

Holistic Consulting
Company Name: SVM Initiatives, LLC
Email Address: svminitiatives2015@gmail.com
Website Address: 
Business Address: P.O. Box 112050
City & State: Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
Company Phone: 513-692-4233

Women's Health

Company Name: The Mothership

Email Address: Themothership999@gmail.com

Website Address: www.themothership.wordpress.com

Business Address: 1218 Sycamore Health

City & State: Cincinnati, Ohio 

Company Phone: 513-321-1234

Nail Salons

Company Name: Glamour Beauty Palace

Email Address: Mcnaillounge@gmail.com

Website Address: www.thestyleseat.com/MeShaNailz

Business Address: 7377 Brookcrest Dr.

City & State: Cincinnati, Ohio

Phone: 513-578-7145