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The Natural Woman Web Store was created to assist entrepreneurs in gaining a bigger audience to sell their products and/or services. Since launching  we have gained thousands of readers from several countries, and we are not stopping until Natural Woman Magazine is a household name. We want to take you with us! Our readers are women who are evolving, embracing their natural hair, living a healthier, spiritual, and entrepreneurial, way of life.

Investing in Natural Woman is an investment in you. We know that in order to prosper in this world and become economically free to live the life we desire, we have to work together. Let Natural Woman be the platform to introduce your business to women who are ready to invest in themselves with the help of your product and/or service.

Our largest audiences are African American Women; statistics have shown that the buying power of African Americans in the US will increase to over a trillion dollars by year 2016. With African American women being the leaders in the Natural Hair movement, there has been an increased interest in healthy foods, fitness, environment, spiritual, and economic matters within the community and it’s only going to get bigger. Natural Woman Magazine is dedicated to providing content that meet our reader’s needs and connect them to businesses that provide products and or services to fulfill their needs.

The Natural Woman Webstore Creates a global Network with Women helping Women

Why choose us to sell your product?  


    Financial Freedom       

    Get a Global Platform for your Product 

    Create Your Own Business

How does our system work?

We put your product and/or service in our Natural Woman Web store & Natural Woman outlets (magazine, catalogs, website blogs etc.), you price your product (including your shipping & handling). As our readers purchase your products we will send you a purchase notice with buyer information. You ship the purchased item and send us shipping confirmation and we send your money to your Paypal. Plain and simple, we make having a business easy!  We do all of the promoting and selling, and all you do is send off your product.


We want the BEST for our customers, so we only sell products and or services that are all Natural , organic, and green friendly.

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Package 1 $400.00


Package 2 $300.00


Package 3 $200.00

* For installment plans please contact us.

We Have Selling Options!!

Below are our package options, each option has an installment plan to better fit your financial needs.

Package 1:

  • Full Size ad in Natural Woman Magazine & Catalog with coupon features
  • Feature up to 5 products in our catalog & web-store
  • Daily Website & Blog Features
  • YouTube Features
  • Primetime promotion on all social media & email blast outlets

Full Payment: $400 Buy today and get $100 off

Monthly Installment Plan: 12 months first Deposit $100.00 then $25.00 a month.

Package 2:

Half Page ad in Natural Woman Magazine & Catalog

Feature up to 3 products in catalog & web store

Weekly Website & Blog Features

Social Media & email blast promotion

Full Payment: $300 Buy today and get $100 off

Monthly Installment Plan: 12 months first Deposit $100.00 then $17.00 monthly

Package 3:

Half Page ad in Natural Woman Magazine & Catalog

Feature up to 1 product in catalog & web store

Social Media & email blast promotion

Full payment: $200 Buy today and get $50 off

Monthly Installment Plan: First Deposit then $50 12 months $12.50 monthly

Each Package has the option to switch out products a monthly. After your first year of service Natural Woman will set 

A Sale's Ratio of 80/20 will be applied to each sell made in the Natural Woman Web store. Meaning for every product sold in our web store you will receive 80% of your purchase price and the remaining 20% pays for website maintenance and storage.

If you are interested in putting your product and/or service in our store, please request our Web Store Application.

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