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The Power of 4  features expert advice from 4 women in the fields of health, business, women's empowerment, finances, spirituality, and relationships. 

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November 4th- 7th 2019
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The Power of 4 is a Live Web event created to give women a taste of the Brains & Beauty Academy which is filled with expert advice in the fields of health, business, women's empowerment, finances, spirituality, and relationships. 

2019 Speakers

Shannon Anderson- Hammond 

Founder of YANA

Shannon Anderson- Hammond 
Founder of YANA

My name is Shannon Anderson- Hammond, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, 46 years old. I am reaching out to you to share my testimony with you. I feel like God has placed this on my heart to inspire women feeling like they are alone.

I have created a Women's Empowerment Support group called #YANA for women to end the silence, stigma of fear, or judgment of not being able to speak their truth when it comes to mental health struggles, suicidal thoughts.

I am a domestic violence and suicide, attempt survivor.  I've survived physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from my son's father, he would belittle me every single day, constantly telling me how ugly I look,  that no one would ever want to be with me,  I have a big nose, I'm not pretty enough, not smart enough, and I believed every single word. I carried that with me for years to come.. I endured so much physical, emotional and mental abuse for sooo long, there was so much fear and self-hate that set so deep within me and my spirit were damaged.  I felt like I had no place here on earth anymore. I didn't have many girl-friends that I could really lean on during those hard times.

I  still go through much of that negative entity
within myself but I am so focused on building a relationship with God, meditating on his word and trusting in him and in those moments of uncertainty and negativity,  I have to sit still in that very moment with God and focus on how far I have come, how blessed I am with such an amazing family, son, and amazing husband and that HE kept me here for a reason. God has helped me grow in so many ways I never thought was possible... I'm still working through a lot of my pain, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression, I still have those days where I feel like I'm not good enough,  I'm not pretty enough,  I'm not loved enough, and I still experience fear every single day but with faith in God  I am determined to  be motivated, inspired and  above everything..a SURVIVOR!

When I decided to create this group for women to have genuine, loving,  compassionate support from girl-friends, that was a component that I felt like was missing from my life. This movement is to inspire and uplift one another and for women to know that whatever struggles they are facing or dealing with that they are not alone.

Yasheeka Divine

Empowerment Coach

In 2011, Yasheeka graduated from The Life Coach Institute of Orange County in California and immediately began coaching from a holistic, consciousness, and spiritual awareness perspective. Yasheeka believes it is a necessity to confidently travel down one’s own path gaining knowledge and awakening to one’s purpose in the world. Yasheeka coaches  from a scientific/spiritual perspective with practical solutions geared towards personal development. Coaching families, fathers, college students, councilmen, entrepreneurs, therapists, psychologists, Artists, through her ministry ReNu’d Life Coaching, DBA YaSheeka grew up with the motto of "Excellence without Excuse". In 2009, during her tenureat Winston Salem State University, she founded TheE.L.L.E Foundation Inc. where" Empowering Ladies Everyday" is her motto. Since the birth of E.L.L.E Inc.,YaSheeka has continued to grow professionally in order to meet her community's needs on several levels. The Elle Foundation has hosted lectures and talk sessions where community members were able to come out and express themselves in as afe space authentically without judgement.“SoulSessions” were held downtown Goldsboro every month for 12 months. Yasheeka also known to her social media audience as Ms.Divine has used social media as a tool for reaching a wide range of people who were seeking an elevated path. More so, Ms. Divine encourages young people and knew social media as become the next wave in reaching them where they were.

Tracey Bryant Swint

Founder & Director of Love My Womb Academy

Tracey Bryant Swint is an Ordained Womb Minister, Entrepreneur, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Goddess Steam Practitioner, Natural Health and Wellness Consultant, Licensed Social Worker, Life Coach, Feminine Health and Wellness Educator, Naturopath, Herbalist, Womb Advocate, and International Speaker. She loves all things feminine and sensual and believes that feminine wellness and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “The Womb.” She chose to incorporate womb wellness as a spiritual career path as a result of searching out her own personal healing, and because of this journey she understands the transformative power of SELF LOVE, and spirit. She worked with Lifestyle Celebrity Coach, Media Mogul, and Author of The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self Love, Abiola Abrams. Tracey is featured in Essence Magazine in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and worked with Vogue sex editor, and host Karley Sciortino and featured on Viceland’s TV show, Slutever, Season 2. Tracey brings love, flavor and inspiration in all that she touches. She is the owner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness is a new feminine, and tranquil spa experience that provides Ancient Herbal Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming, and Detoxification for Womb Health, and Wellness.
She is the founder and director of Love My Womb® Academy. The first, and only nationally accredited and board certified feminine health and wellness educational program in the nation and abroad that provides classes, training and certification in the sacred art of Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming and womb health care. Tracey is the creator of Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea. An organic blend of sexual enhancement herbs, and exotic fruits with amazing health benefits, and that increases womb health, and makes your Yoni (vagina) smell and taste sweet. She is the sexy wife of an amazing, loving and supportive husband, and the mother of 4 beautifully grown adults.

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